Bottle Of Squirt Or Pee With Spray Head


Get 35 ml of my squirt or yellow.. Plastic bottles has easy to use spray head. (The picture attached to the store item only for advertisement purpose) Price include 10 min FullHD or 4K Resolution video when I fill up the plastic.(NOT CUSTOM VIDEO BUT YOU CAN COSTUMIZE FOR EXTRA COST) Shipping via Airmail, provide tacking number. Package is discrete every time! >>If you have any questions feel free to contact me.Once you placed your order direct message me about which I going to fill up your bottle . Vacuum seal package including the price.THIS ITEM I SHIP ONLY TO US!!! CANNOT SHIP TO EUROPE!

Quantity: 91
Condition: New



But why not?

MissAnja Dec 29

I cannot ship this itto EU! You can read in the description 😉

Can you send it to Romania too?

Please dm me

Lazari123 deleted Apr 16

Please DM me

Keethlar deleted Apr 5

Hello! Are you still selling this?

3 bottles for 50,39?

chrisw94 Dec 18 2022

Dm me please

Wornpanties May 20 2022

contact me pls

Fazz92 May 15 2022

Hello do you ship to malaysia?
Where are you ship from?
Is $50.39 for 3 bottles?


Fazz92 May 16 2022

Miss PM me

MissAnja May 16 2022

Pm me please 🙂

Ryryriru Apr 6 2022

Would love a bottle Pm?

Crush22 Apr 6 2022

Really interested Pm?

MissAnja Apr 6 2022

Pm sent xxx

MissAnja Apr 6 2022

Yes it's available to purchase 🙂

Ryryriru Apr 5 2022

Available? Pm?

AlexT24 Mar 26 2022

Available? Pm?

MissAnja Mar 26 2022

Pm sent

Browell2021 deleted Nov 18 2021

Can you DM me I am interested

MissAnja Nov 18 2021

Pm sent 🙂

Mygoodvibes deleted May 21 2021

Can you dm me

StedRx Apr 7 2021

Hy honey, do you ship to Italy?.
I would like to taste your squirt and pee,  it's now available?

MissAnja Apr 7 2021

I sent pm 🙂

falogz Oct 16 2020

please menssage me for details, i am very interested

Kaelas_82 Sep 1 2020

1 more questions about the bottles is 45 ml the largest bottle or would it go bigger, if so how big would it be possible with your squirt
Have a great day xxx

MissAnja Oct 18 2020

I ship worldwide ☺️

Kaelas_82 Aug 30 2020

do you only sell in america or overseas

mrgman6969 Aug 29 2020

Interested in pee.
Is it fresh?
Does it cost extra for vid of filling the bottle.

Roni can Aug 24 2020

I want 2 bottle your pee yellow

I'm in the US and interested please PM me, thanks!

TwoHearts Aug 15 2020

Interested in a bottle of squirt

Bigdaddy1980 Jul 28 2020

Interested in a bottle of each pee and squirt if you still have bottles

MissAnja Jun 4 2020

Pm sent xxx

Critter77 Jun 3 2020

Hi Anna, could you message me please

Jasonlove000 May 29 2020

I want this bad. Please message me, Anja

MissAnja May 23 2020

Yes I can send them to Europe 😊

mrmac18812 May 22 2020

Do you send theese beauyties to Europe? :)

Chilli Willi May 22 2020

Hey sexy do you still have bottles of your love juice

MissAnja May 23 2020

Yes they're still available 😊

Jonny300h deleted Feb 2 2020

I want a cum bottle to babe.i will pay. Let me no! Pop it in the box of happiness 🤤😘🌹message me

Marsoc1 Jan 20 2020

Ship to us?

Havotec Aug 6 2019

hi can you ship to the US

Asopty Aug 5 2019

can you message me about this?

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