Pair of dirt Panties autograph photocard

Best Value

You can Order My Used Pantys and decide how you Want- Clean or Dirty with My Pussy Juice and photocard

Remaining: 87
Condition: Almost New



Hi Gorgeous!, Can you DM me about the panties please?

I have a quick question about the panties can you DM me please

Can you DM about these please.

Can I get a bottle of your pussy juice clear color if I buy your panties

Yes you can

Hey baby are you still selling these? I would love to buy and have some questions :) will you message me please

JoeyYazzie666 Jul 8 2022

Can I get a medium size bottle of your juices I'm buying your panties now

MrDelicious deleted Jul 9 2021

Thank you. I Finally got my order. It took several months. But I can say as a fan I’m pleased. Would have liked some photos of you in the panties but for the price I’m very happy

Longshank Apr 20 2021

Can you get pictures of you wearing them? Dm if you can.

alexwang1234 Jan 6 2021

Hi Melena, do we get to choose panties after the purchase or is it random?

JetSet29 Nov 27 2020

Id like to order, do you ship to Canada?

Bigandy345 Nov 9 2020

Hey melena babe, I'm interested in buying these if they are still available, cud u dm me if they are please babes an send me a wee pic of wat u have available please babe, thanks 😘😘

Pucsi01 deleted Sep 22 2020

I just reveived them :) Its trully 5 awesome  panties ;-) Ty very much Sweetie

MelenaMariaRya Sep 2 2020

Differents type you can type me what would you like have

BigD4ngus Aug 11 2020

What kind of panties are they?

Brend0n Aug 7 2020

Is this still available? Message me please

fresnoteenguy Mar 28 2020

Can you message me about this please?

stevehound Jun 28 2019

Hi, beautiful lady,do we get 3 pairs for $129.99?

SilverStar44 Jun 8 2019

Message me for a special request?

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