Make Me Your Sub for Three Days $79.99

I'll be your cyber submissive/little/kitten for three days, being there for your demands and playing to your desires.


☛ One 3 minute custom video every night.

☛ Dirty Talk all day and night if wanted.

☛ Even just regular idle chat if not feeling dirty.

☛ Spontaneous treats throughout the time. (i.e. pictures,small clips)

☛ Any videos I make in the specified days to sell on ManyVids. (Guaranteed at least one.)

☛ 3 Fan Signs for whatever media site you are using. (Dirty or Clean, your choice)

☛ My Google of Videos.


☛ Must have KIK or even just an Email I can talk to you on.

☛ Must have patience during the daytime hours.


☛ My family comes first, during the day I won't be able to do a lot since I have a little one to take care of, after her and the house go to bed it's a no holds bard though and I'm fully yours.

☛ If I'm uncomfortable with something I'll tell you I can't do it, please have respect for that AKA no means no.

☛ After your times up we can still talk but do not expect me to still play to your every command, I'll withhold the right to block you.

☛ No Scat or Waterworks requests, I won't do it.

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