3 Month Snapchat Subscription


Thank you for your interest in buying my snapchat!! For just $15, you will receive daily photos and videos of this super cute little daisy. I upload to my story as well as send them all directly to you! At the end of each month I put all posted photos and videos into a compilation video that will be posted here so If you hella enjoyed the snaps, you can look forward to that!


*NSFW – masturbation, cutie booty pics, soapy shower videos, and much more!!! (cute videos like the one below)

*probably cats

RULES: (violators will be blocked without hesitation and without refund)*Absolutely NO screenshotting*You can send me whatever you want but do NOT send me an angry message if I do not reply, I’m a busy lil flower*Be nice!! I’m small and delicate, treat me with care*Enjoy yourself!!! :)

ONCE PURCHASED:Immediately (or whenever tickles your fancy) email me at dirtylittledaisy@gmail.com with your manyvids receipt and I will send you my username as well as all my love.

Quantity: 10000
Condition: New