MV Boss Babe Slides


Boss babes get paid! Show off your title the next time you go out. Currently only available in sizes 5 and 6. Please email after the purchase with your size.

Quantity: 2
Condition: New


If only they were smaller sizes 🥺

Wish these were in my size 😭

Love these for the wife

cool :)


Thchic88 May 27 2023

I’m a size 6. Whoever buys gets all vids for free 😋

Mysti Majesti Feb 9 2023

love these in a 10

PreciousLillith Sep 22 2022

My toes would look so cute in these oh my, idk if you could handle it!

NajaNaja Sep 11 2022

Would look on me, I need them

MsThickSnowBunny Jul 10 2022

I need these, someone should get them for me

Nerdylively Jun 2 2022

Definitely need in my life

The Real Fem Shady
The Real Fem Shady deleted May 27 2022

NEED! Anyone buying?👣 (Videos & Photos on my profile are free 🤷🏻‍♀️;)

My Cheetara Dec 25 2021

They're mine now Mueheheheheh! 
Love them! They're just so cute 

Goddess Andy Oct 13 2021

Yes!! Love them! 💗

RaelynnFaith deleted Sep 18 2021

Omg please! I would
Love these

petite_brun3tte Jul 23 2021

Omg I want these!!

So cute

Nova_Feet420 May 29 2021

Omg I need these

BbykinsandI deleted May 26 2021

Future purchase :$

Laura0204 Jan 23 2021


MandaXoxo Dec 30 2020

I want!!!

Lsdtraces Dec 23 2020

Mon numéro est pour celui ou celle qui me les fait cadeaux

GoldenTygaXO Nov 16 2020

Love these!

Miss_Maddie9123 deleted Sep 18 2020

I want these soo bad but I dont see sizes!?

Kymberxoxo Sep 6 2020

Wth I try to add these to my cart & it doesn’t even allow me to choose any size or keep shopping to add more items. I’m kind of over Manyvids & all the glitches..

KinkyAnna Sep 5 2020

Is size 8 uk size available please

AstroNaughty deleted Sep 5 2020

Is size 10 available ??

Poppy Reign
Poppy Reign deleted Aug 23 2020

I want these sooooo bad

Leelecheeks6 Jul 21 2020

I need these so bad

BunnzHun Jul 10 2020


Sabrina Grimm Jul 4 2020

I want these so bad

Charlette Webb Jun 23 2020

Getting another pair so when the 1st ones wear out i can still have them lol.. Loveeee!!!!!!!

prettyfeetpinklady deleted Jun 17 2020

These are awesome! 😍👡

Mia Secrets May 25 2020

darn U am a size 4 :(

TsBlondieNYC May 25 2020

Thanks U Daddy for the Slides.
Show Love to ur models Fans & Friends ;)

nofacechan May 24 2020

How cute !

KendraBrown97 Apr 29 2020

I want these :stomp_on_me:

I like:A:stomp_on_me:

Aamberrae Jan 2 2020

Buy me these and get my number and 10 random videos 😋

KoopaKym Dec 30 2019

are yall joking? $13 to ship $12 sandals to one of your girls domestic WTF MV

KoopaKym Dec 30 2019

*insert Fry meme TAKE ALL MY MONEY*
Love ya, MV for giving me a chance to explore my sexuality and have others enjoy it as much as I do

Bodahk Pink Dec 21 2019

Buy me these and get any of my content of your choice! I have SOLO and BG content!

fski82 Dec 19 2019

They look so cute and have an awesome message!  I'm spoiling a very special model with them right now! :)

KoopaKym Dec 30 2019

she is very lucky to have you in her life Happy New Yr to you both

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