Sexy Snapchat 4LYFE $34.99

My Snapchat includes short teases, lewds and nudes, video previews & more! Please email me your Snapchat username once purchased. As of recently I DO NOT POST DAILY so please keep that in mind. This is a one time purchase for life, so I post often when I can! Screenshots are okay as long as they aren't reposted and you may send me Snaps and messages as well.

Quantity: 99878
Condition: New


you make pictures of your feet

Chase23 Nov 28

You have two snapchats?

donjorge1 Sep 4 2016

Purchased 😝

Patinooo15 Aug 3 2016

She won't reply to me once I sent the money for her snapchat, I think I got scammed

BigWhiteDick19 deleted Jun 28 2016

She's sexy, I would like to fuck her, her ass is so juicy that makes my dick fully erected

KercheK72 May 26 2016

Very hot girl but to be honest it's not worth the price at all. She barely ever uses it. I hope that changes but until then I have to give my honest review.

Hellooo  I bought your snap chat 4 life thing and I'm a little curious as to how you know my snap chat when I add you. My snap chat is capn-trav . Thank you so much! You are so beautiful

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