Sexy Snapchat 4LYFE $49.99

My Snapchat includes short teases, lewds and nudes, video previews & more! Please email me your Snapchat username once purchased. As of recently I DO NOT POST DAILY so please keep that in mind. This is a one time purchase for life, so I post often when I can! Screenshots are okay as long as they aren't reposted and you may send me Snaps and messages as well.

Quantity: 99876
Condition: New


Ah, I just sent you a message with a screen-cap of my receipt and my Snap ID. Thank you Miss.

you make pictures of your feet

Chase23 Nov 28 2016

You have two snapchats?

donjorge1 Sep 4 2016

Purchased 😝

Hellooo  I bought your snap chat 4 life thing and I'm a little curious as to how you know my snap chat when I add you. My snap chat is capn-trav . Thank you so much! You are so beautiful