Panties For Sale


Panties for sale; either clean or worn=will stuff myself and cum on the panties if youd like and also make a vid of it as well

Remaining: 2
Condition: Worn only once or twice



Do you still have the pink and black thong

Still available if so pm me interested in getting a pair

Rayday86 Aug 14

DM me please I would love some details a possible custom video as well

DM me please. Would like to know what is still available.

could u dm me if there are more choosing options?

Jxvibez deleted Jun 15

Could you dm I’d love to buy a pair if still available love(:

Hkjack May 15

Hey babe can you msg me about these?

Still available??

Bigandy345 Sep 2 2020

Have u got any of these still available to buy babe?? If u do still have any then pm me wen u get a chance babes xxx thanks x

Still available? message if so I’m interested

sinclairjerm88 Mar 29 2017

Hey I'd love to buy a pair and video! Can you message me back?

pantyfox deleted Jan 23 2016

r the purple ones still available

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