Up the Chimney Anal AUDIO


This is for a 32min AUDIO clip. This is not a photoset. I narrate this hot anal sex story, complete with moaning and lots of fun. Sample: http://vidble.com/HXFzgqVwRQ.mp3

32 mins: Katie was busy putting together the Christmas Eve snack buffet — downsized for two — that was the tradition in both of their families when the doorbell rang. Assuming that it was a neighbor come to call — perhaps with cookies or some other goodies to add to the meal — she put down the jar of miniature pickles and went to answer it.


Katie growled as his big, hard cock violated her ass. Already stretched and well-lubed by the toy, he sank to fully half his length inside her before a sudden clench of her muscles trapped him in place and she let out a sharp, "Oh!"

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Condition: New
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