Unchastity Slave Extended Cut!


Mostly uncut experience over 4hrs long! Includes: The Un-Chastity Belt Hr 1,2,3,4 & Bonus clip, Pee Breaks through the belt. 1920 X 1080 (bonus clip is 1280 X 720) I got a new present from master, and he calls it an UN-Chastity belt... I'll soon find out why. He instructs me to put the belt on, and then go to for 4hrs. It definitely wasn't very easy to fall a with both my holes filled up by the metal plugs built into the steel belt. Watch me toss turn, twist, and cry out in ravenous desperation as I try to make it through the four hours. I am quite vocal in my agony, and grow more and more desperate to fuck my cunt, which I can't reach :( I end up having to beg master to allow me to remove the butt plug, so I wear that for an hour, before I'm given the key JUST to remove the plug. I'm finally able to fall a after it's out , but my is short lived, and quite restless. When I've finally endured the belt and Master gives me the key, he makes me fuck my cunt with a realistic dildo for 20 minutes. It doesn't take nearly that long for me to squirt over and over all the bed though. I beg master not to make me put the belt back on after I've had my fun, but it's futile. From March 2016. One Download link containing 5 clips is sent to your email- please include email you'd like your link sent via when, you buy. Video sizes: Hour 1=2.16GB, Hour 2=1.71GB, Hour 3=1.65GB, Hour 4=1.44GB, Bonus Clip=76.4MB. Mostly in M4V format, one is MP4.

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Condition: New


Pankong Dec 26 2016

Hello fuuka . You never send me the vids :(

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