Pool Girl $9.99

Hello everyone! :)Here's a pretty little set for you guys...Imagine you have a swimming pool in your backyard but you don't want to clean it, so you call your pool girl to come and clean it for you... So, here i am ready to clean your pool, i start cleaning it and then i catch you staring at my cute little feet, so i start to show off, walking in front of you and taking off my flipflops so you can see them better. You love it so much that you decide to do the cleaning for me while i just lounge on your chair and put sun block on my little feet so they won't get burned while i tan. haha.I hope you guys like this! As you know i don't shoot many sets outside because i hate the heat and it makes me all sweaty and mosquitos bite me and it's not comfortable, but this time the weather was pretty nice, so i had a good time shooting this. ;) I'm wearing cool jewelry to make up for my simple flip flops but i thought that a pool girl should wear flipflops instead of high heels, it would be kind of hard to clean a pool with high heels, haha.

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Orozco91 Jul 10 2016

I bought this set and i was just tryna make sure if it was just a picture aet or a video? Because i just received like 180 pictures