201st Set $9.99

Hello everyone! :)Here's a fun little set for you guys...Remember i mentioned that my previous set was my 200th set and i didn't really get to do anything special for it? Well, i decided to celebrate my 201st set instead! :)So, i bought a little cake and decorated my set with balloons and little presents to make it all pretty and festive. As my guest, you get a yummy slice of cake, but not before i smash it with my beautiful little feet, to make it extra delicious, of course... ;) Wouldn't you want to lick my tasty little feet when they're covered with yummy frosting? I'm sure you would! ;)I also end up stepping over my little gift boxes... i guess once i start trampling things, i really can't stop... haha. ;)I want to thank Mike for sending me this beautiful dress and wedges, they're perfect for this happy set! Thank you Mike!

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