Autographed Lootzbundle

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Edit: these are now SOLD OUT. If you attempt to purchase this item I will have to cash you out in videos!

Get an autographed MV Mag, 3 prints, and 1 Lootz sticker! The magazine and one photo will be signed! This mag issue contains the photoshoot with myself, Sarah Calanthe, Bea York, and Wren Rhubarb. The other sections were not printed but also contains my MV Gear photo and an additional photo from the shoot. US - 2 day, International usually a few weeks! Shipped very discreet.

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Condition: New


Hey! I have more, I'm just no longer doing shipped items 💗

Aw dang, okay! Wish I found out about this sooner 😭 if you ever do shipped items again I'd love to buy! thank you so much for responding! :)🫶🏽

Hello! Any plans on restocking or selling prints by themselves?