Black Polka Dot Thong $14.99

This black and purple polka dot ruffled thong panty doesn't cover much, but has just enough to tease. Optional full pussy &/or ass stuffing available for no extra charge. These will be mailed to you after having been immediately prior worn for 24 hours (unless you specify clean), including during camshows & masturbation for the day. They will be tightly sealed in a ziplock bag, and you'll receive full uncropped versions of the photos above for no extra charge. To include a personal note, select 'note' add on. To include 10 photos in your panties, select 'autograph' add on. To vacuum-seal your item, select 'plastic bag' add on. To add on two additional days weartime, select 'make dirty' add on. To add bathroom activities, select 'perfume' add on.

Quantity: 0
Size: XXXL
Condition: Worn many times