Cummy Panties


☆ Worn panties or very cummy panties (check the "make the panty dirty" box)!!! ^-^ Always cute design, good color to show creamy mess, and soft! If you pick the sexy note option I will also draw you a picture & sign it! Please allow me time to get panties very messy and for them to arrive in the mail! (1 - 3 weeks) ^_^ ☆

Remaining: 77
Condition: Very Dirty



Edgordo May 19

Are you still selling panties?

yes i still sell & send panties! :pop_me: order here if you'd like a messy pair! ehehe!

Still doing this?


hunglikafish May 7 2019

i would love to make you cum all over my tongue, yumm
i want you to watch me while i the cum out of your clit