This item is designed for models and studios. This is where members can purchase for their fav models. Just purchase here send me a DM and let me know which MV Star / Studio you are buying for.

I will take you on a tour around MV and teach you some tips and tricks on how to navigate the site, use each feature as a tool., increase your mv score, and really use the sites tools and features to your advantage . This is a one on one chat where we explore the site together, and is very informative !! Really useful for new models and studios.

I feel like I am qualified to offer this because there is not a corner of this site I don't know. I feel like the information I have is useful, and has been proven to be useful by my own personal MV resume. I've won contests ('15 womens day contest, top 5 in mv awards for 4 categories and won the MV BBW of the year and MV Profile of the Year) I've been featured numerous times in the MV blog, have been as high as MV girl 7, and have remained in the Top 100 since March 2015, I have a crowned video, a crowned profile, videos in the Top 100 most sold, and Top 100 fetishes, multiple successful snapchat takeovers and MV Takeover, I have been the Official MV twitter thumbnail, I literally fucking breathe ManyVids!! Share this with your fans and maybe they will buy it for you !

Quantity: 9827
Condition: New


Great video!  learned a lot of basic features I was definitely sleeping on!  Will be making the necessary changes asap!  Thanks for this video and for other models, THIS IS A MUST HAVE!

This was one of the most helpful videos I've ever watched in my life. I'm beyond happy to have seen so much in depth information, and it's so clear that she's put so much time and effort into what she does on here. She has such a great personality and comes off as so approachable that I hope she's not going to get sick of me when I'm suddenly messaging her left and right with questions! :H

Such an amazing and helpful vid! Destiny Diaz rocks :) xoxo

AniErotika Apr 16 2018

So this video was beyond helpful.  Destiny rolls through some MUST KNOW stuff, and does it thoroughly.  She has a great smile and does it in good spirits.  Takes a certain kinda gal to share secrets of her trade like that, most people guard any secrets like CRAZY.  She is truly willing to share and to teach a tip or two about the ways and goings about on MV.  Great little tool for helping to get a handle on some of the winding roads of things you MUST know on MV to get anywhere.  Thank you Destiny!  You kick ass.

TiaraRaley deleted Nov 5 2017

Thank you! Very helpful! I was hoping for some info on actually creating a store item? SUPER NEWBIE! Again, thank you! You really truly care about helping everyone and you're a total sweetheart!

SageKitten Sep 24 2017

I'm so glad I got this! Destiny really knows how to navigate the site and how to make the most out of every function! I also plan on getting the Dick Rating 101 and Profile Consultation to learn even more from her. Thank you so much for offering this Destiny, you're amazing!  <3

Zhaddie Grey Sep 20 2017

Thank you so much Destiny! I won this in her MV live takeover which was AMAZING. I can't wait to start implementing what I've learned :) Very informative and she answers ay extra questions you may have! <3:x

Alexa_moans Sep 20 2017

Definitely recommend this to any model who is struggling to figure out how this site works. Destiny goes very in depth into how all the features work, etc. I was able to jot down a whole page of "tips & tricks" so it's definitely very useful. Now I have a better understanding of how to use the site to my advantage and hopefully gain more traffic. Very impressed with this purchase. 😚 Thank-you Destiny.

Cherries Sep 20 2017

I’ve been on MV for almost a year now and I thought it was time to buy Destiny’s Tips & Tricks. I’ve heard such great things about it and how it’s helped so many girls, and she did not disappoint! I learned so much from her and can’t wait to start implementing everything she has taught me. Thank you so much Destiny for offering this, you are so kind and helpful and truly inspiring!

Christie Rose
Christie Rose deleted Sep 20 2017

Thank you so much Destiny for offering this! I'm new to Many Vids, and this was so helpful. I feel like I have a much better understanding of the site and that by following this I'll have a much better chance of success. Keep up the good work girl!

bbwbreanna Sep 20 2017

Destiny knows everything their is to know about manyvids so if you're a newb this is a great and valuable purchase for you and it will pay off to know every bit of it. When i first started MV this is something i wish was around because it covers EVERYTHING important you need to know & do to have a successful store. I've been on this site for over 2 years and some of the tips she mentioned i had no clue about! It also motivated me to want to write a blog and join into parts of mv i had never even considered before! Thank you so much for all of your help destiny you are an inspiration to everyone keep up the amazing work we love you!

Joanne Kitten Sep 20 2017

This is a MUST HAVE for all MV models, whether you're a veteran or a newbie, as I can GUARANTEE there's stuff on here that you never knew before! Destiny goes in depth to all the website's features, explains how to best utilise every single thing you will find, and shares personal experiences. This is definitely worth the purchase, as the old saying goes "it takes money to make money", and who better to learn from than the MV Wonder Woman herself? Thank you Destiny for all that you do to help fellow models!

KCatBBW Sep 20 2017

Okay, I don't even know where to start! :D I literally just made SO many notes from Destiny's tips & tricks. This girl truly knows everything about this site. So many things that you wouldn't even think of, Destiny has IN DEPTH knowledge about. I seriously just learned so much and i'm excited to put it all into action. I recommend this for any MV girl. It's a treat for anyone really, from those just starting off, to those who are established & wanting more. I feel like I can navigate the site with confidence, and know exactly what benefits each page has to offer. Also, there's so many things to learn, that I feel this session helps one to understand what content they may want to make in the future. It's just awesome, plus Destiny is super personable and someone that you want to learn from. 5/5 stars, as always. Thank you to Destiny! PS- Members, don't forget that you can buy this for a model as a gift. It's priceless. Xoxo

queeenivy Sep 20 2017

ahhh there is so much i didnt know! thank you for making this destiny! it helps! <3

Rebel Winters
Rebel Winters deleted Aug 31 2017

Destiny's tips and tricks are invaluable. She knows the ManyVids site inside and out! She pointed me towards so many features I never would have thought to look at, and tricks to connect with other users of the site. You can really tell that she's invested a lot of time learning the features that help make models successful, and she's willing to answer questions about anything that she doesn't initially cover. Plus, she's super sweet and kind! Like a sister, she wants to see you succeed and she shows you so many tools at your disposal to help you do just that. Thank you so much, Destiny! <3<3<3

kezia420 Aug 24 2017

I have been a part of MV for a couple years now and had no idea how to use it or basic functions due to work/school. When I decided to get more serious, I was gifted this! Thank you so much Destiny for all your tips & tricks! I took over 2 pages of notes, learned how to use basic MV tools I had no idea was there, & helped me learn how to use MV so much better. I have connected with SO many more members & models because of this. Within a month of being gifted this package, utilizing her knowledge, AND working extremely hard, I went from being in the top 300 to the top 100. I would definitely recommend this for other models who want to learn how to use this site better & learn tips you might not have thought of before or needed a reminder in doing! <3 thank you so much again!

ValerieRoseXXX deleted Jul 26 2017

This is a must have for models! Destiny gives you insight on how to utilize all of ManyVids to your full advantage. She gives you all the tips you need to start climbing the MV ranks & making that $$$ :)

GodMotherOfAss Jul 19 2017

Very useful, helpful and sweet. Thank you Destiny.

Emmaterrestrial Jul 18 2017

Destiny is suuuper thorough, & clearly well-versed in the ins & outs of Manyvids! Her tips & tricks taught me a LOT about how MV works (versus how people think it does,) & it's definitely helped me to better navigate the site! I have yet to put a handful of these tricks into action, but no doubt in my mind that they will only further my progress on MV. Thank you again, Destiny! <3

BBW Marzipan Jul 2 2017

I decided to start focusing on what I could do to up sales on this site, since I have sort of neglected my MV store and had heard really great things about Destiny's Tips and Tricks! I decided to treat myself with it and it was NOT a mistake. There are things about the site I had misinterpreted or completely ignored that actually very useful. And things I can do to up my score that I had previously not done because I thought it wouldn't make a difference. Destiny's knowledge comes from experience and success and it was great to have a tour of the site from her point of view. My score has shot up a TON since I started watching how she operates and even more in just a few hours since I've started implementing her advice.  <3

xoJoseline Jul 2 2017

Just got through and was amazed at the amount of information she gave. I am so excited to put these tips to use! Thank you destiny for taking time to help other models! I recommend this x100<3

Maggie Green Jun 19 2017

I was getting frustrated about my lack of sales on ManyVids and decided to try the Tips and Tricks. I'm SO glad that I did! My sales have just about tripled for June so far and the month is only barely half over! My this!!

MyStacySweet Jun 17 2017

Thanks to Destiny I made double my payout goal in the 1st payperiod! Usually takes me all month to get payout (if I'm lucky) & I have only implemented 1 of the many tips!  Wish I did it sooner!

Jayde Black
Jayde Black deleted Jun 14 2017

Was so thankful Destiny made this! Very helpful and informative. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to be successful on MV to purchase this from her.

Cara_LeRoux deleted Jun 12 2017

I was so lucky that one of my supporters got this for me. It was defiantly worth the money. Some very useful tips that will help me get noticed and bump my score. Thanks Destiny xxx

AlexiaAdams May 31 2017

Definitely worth the buy. Destiny is so sweet and helpful. She goes into details about the site and how to use it to your advantage that you will not find anywhere. Thanks again Destiny!

Kissima May 31 2017

So I've been waiting to get Destiny's Tips and tricks and I'm so glad I finally did it! She is amazing 😉 and you will learn so much!

Miss_Kairi deleted May 31 2017

Destiny is AMAZING! Her tricks and tips are fantastic and if you're like me and don't really know the site or video sales too well, it's the perfect boost of confidence to be a better MV girl. She's super sweet  and helpful, and everything she taught me, I was pretty clueless about before. You definitely won't regret this purchase! I'm excited to use her tips towards my experience here on the site, don't think twice, just hit buy!

MxPraxisPhanes May 31 2017

I saw this and had to have it. I'm more of a cam girl than a vid girl, and I've been looking to up my game here on ManyVids, and this certainly did it! I know there at least 2 other things I'll be getting from Destiny's store. 

Not only did I learn a ton, but Destiny is SUCH a sweet heart! She's easy to talk to, easy to get along with, and her hard work and effort is so inspiring to me.

If you're a model and you're on the fence about getting this Tips and Tricks session... Don't be! Just do it! You will not regret it!

Buxxxom May 31 2017

I won this in a giveaway from @xbuttercupally, and I feel so fortunate to be able to learn from someone as hardworking and gracious and successful as DestinyDiaz. Even though I've been on ManyVids for 2 years, I still learned a lot from Destiny's Tips and Tricks. I recommend it for any model looking to optimize their experience and increase their success on ManyVids. I've told her before, but she constantly inspires me to work harder. Now that I'm equipped with these tips, I can work smarter too!

LilithRoseXxX May 28 2017

i had a member purchase this for me. ( thanks herb <3 ) but its the best gift ever destiny is sooooo creative and i already broke 400 within 24 hours of getting them... Honestly an amazing tool for new models, if i woulda know some of the stuff destiny taught me from the beginning of opening my MV my rank would be way different.. but i love her and im so excited to climb the manyvids ranks now with destinys help (:

HoneyyBunny deleted May 28 2017

This is definitely the best purchase that I have ever made! Whether you are a new model, experienced model, lost model, whichever kind of model, you will not be disappointed by this purchase! If you want to accomplish great things on ManyVids, please invest in Destiny's ManyVids Tips and Tricks. She is just all around a great person and wants to help us grow. She gave wonderful information that had never even crossed my mind. If you are thinking about purchasing this, go for it!

ValerieXPaige May 21 2017

If you are a new model I highly recommend that you purchase this!!! Destiny is an all around goddess and she genuinely wants to see everyone do their absolute best! She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to MV (they need to just hire her already!) She is using a new group method and I think it is wonderful and very convenient t0 be able to re-listen to things, ask questions and most of all stay updated on new changes! I promise that you will be BLOWN AWAY by and very satisfied if you purchase this! Thank you sooo much Destiny you are AMAZING!! <3

clubdinasky May 21 2017

First off let me start by saying this woman is absolutely beautiful, genuine, intelligent, & seriously enjoyable to talk too. This is a must have purchase, even if you think you know MV, she has taught me things I LITERALLY had no idea of, and I am so happy to have purchased it. I've been on here a few years and have bounced back and forth, but I have noticed the more dedication and hard work I put in the better this place gets, but I got a bump in the road and really wanted some direction, with purchasing this I feel it was fulfilled and then some, don't even second guess purchasing it, just do it and you'll be completely happy, best $25 I have spent in Long time, and absolute steal for the service and highly knowledgable information she gives you! Thank you MV Sista DestinyDiaz, you seriously ROCK!

myvixenfire May 16 2017

Saving up now!

NimueAllen May 15 2017

Destiny is a wonderfully knowledgeable, and enthusiastic lady, and I am incredibly grateful that she offers this service. I learned so much from her in our session - I have pages and pages of notes of things to put into action.  Even just following one of her simplest tips boosted my ranking by a huge amount, and I'm excited to see my rank go higher and higher!  I'd highly reccomend that any models gets this!

Ashley Mercy Apr 28 2017


BrantleyBlaze Apr 27 2017

I had mentioned wanting this & one of my friends was nice enough to get it for me. I HIGHLY recommend it for any model on the site. I've been on here for around 3 years and still walked away with 2 pages of notes. Destiny is extremely knowledgeable about the site and an absolute pleasure to talk to <3

Nyla Hayes Apr 25 2017

destiny is awesome for taking the time out of her busy days to help anyone who is looking for a better understanding of this site. she breaks down a lot of different things, and shows you how to make the most of this site. she showed me so many things I wasn't even aware of.. thank you so much! highly recommend doing this 1 on 1 with her.(Y))

AudreyAndersonx deleted Apr 25 2017

Tips&Tricks showed me how to find new video ideas, how to get in a "news feed" for customers, and how to price my items.

HoneyBunTV Apr 25 2017

I had a fan pay for this and it is a definite NEED for any model, new or veteran. Destiny is a great person in general who has meticulously put time and research into how to make manyvids the ideal platform for her, and how to use it to the best of her & now your abilities! There are so many things that I had no clue about that she opened my eyes to and it has directly correlated to more sales and easier usage of the site. She makes it fun and informative, so make sure to get a pen and paper and really listen. You won't regret it!

Lacey loves hugs Apr 22 2017

I want this!

Nicky Parker Apr 22 2017

This is a must for any girl on Manyvids!! Destiny is so knowledgeable about the site and it's features. She went over everything with me and answered any questions I had. I've already noticed my MV score going up after just implementing a couple of her tips!! Not only is she super helpful, she's also the sweetest girl around. <3

BoundStrawberry Apr 22 2017

I won this from a fellow model through a giveaway on the model's twitter. That being said, I would definitely have paid for this and was actually about to just when I discovered I'd won. Destiny is so knowledgeable and is a wonderful teacher, along with being so outgoing, fun and friendly. She will take you step by step through the whole website and go over everything you should be focusing on in order to boost your traffic.

If any models out there are on the fence of buying this, all I can say is you will be missing out if you don't.

Also, ManyVids, please hire Destiny already. She's got so many brilliant ideas!

Miss LingLing Apr 20 2017

<3<3<3Thanks for all the great notes! So many hidden features! I felt discouraged when MV changed my profile from the studio side after a year of work, they tossed me in MV Girls side and my scores were set into the thousands overnight. I have to start all over and I don't want to give up. It was way over due for me to figure out what makes this site tick. Destiny was the perfect person to get me motivated and without wasting time! I can't wait to apply all these tips and get excited about selling on this platform again. 

I've never seen any model pay this much attention to detail before, Im taking full advantage of picking her brain! She's so patient and sweet. She is genuine in her desire  to help you. Its hard sometimes to reach out to another model, but Destiny isn't condescending in any way, and when she says she wants to be your MV sister, you feel it.

AllyXXL deleted Mar 30 2017

What a fun and very informative conversation we had! I learned some great tips and tricks from Destiny that hadn't crossed my mind. I was completely unaware of a few of the MV features we discussed. I cannot wait to put to use what I have learned.

I highly recommend purchasing this! Whether you are a new member or someone who is looking to gain a better understanding of how to maximize your potential on MV - I promise you it will be worth every penny, and then some!

The only regret you will have is not purchasing it sooner! ***

DaytonaHale Mar 29 2017

Having a one on one chat with someone you look up to is so
encouraging and motivational. It's so cool to get a peek at
how they see things and being able to learn from that person
is super rewarding.

Destiny's Tips and Tricks taught so many new things about this site, things that i just simply over looked or things that
i NEVER knew about. Ill say this, no matter what your rank is on this site, there is still something to learn. Things that will have your MIND BLOWN to just little tweaks that you could be doing to better your success on this site.

All in all +A to Destiny for providing this service to the public,
its a game changer, that's for sure!  :bedazzled:<-

FuckingMILFmay Mar 29 2017

I am so happy I decided to invest in this and the profile consultation. I learned a lot about the site that I missed in the past couple of years. Destiny is full of great information that will help you gain more traffic. I literally just got done with my session and can not wait to get started. Plus it was tons of fun to chat with Destiny she is an amazing girl. Thank you so much💗

Chanel Frost Mar 23 2017

I just want to say one thing, invest in yourself! By investing in these tips & tricks from Destiny I learned so much & got more motivated then ever to create new content. When we did the tips & tricks I was manyvids girl 1133. 3 hours after the session by applying just some of her tips I managed to jumped down to MV Girl 903! She was full of information & I left with a notebook full of tips & tricks that will help me progress into the model I want to be. I'm so thankful for her & the time she puts in helping other models. Get these tips & tricks invest in yourself today! ✨

delilahfaux Mar 15 2017

This! This is the best 20 bucks I've ever spent. Sooooo many tips and MV tricks that I hadn't thought of. You learn ways to make this site work for you in the best way possible. So many insightful ideas. Not to mention Destiny is gorgeous and sooooo lovely to talk to. I could not rate this item any higher. What are you waiting for!!

Trixie Moons Mar 12 2017

Destiny's Tips & Tricks is truly a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to gain more knowledge of the site itself, and sure fire ways to increase your traffic/sales. It has only been days and I ALREADY see a HUGE jump in my profile views! She is the sweetest MV genius you could ever meet. I just adore her genuineness and desire to help others become as successful as she is. Good people are so hard to come by these days, but Destiny is a proof that they do still exist.💖

Kaedia Lang Mar 11 2017

Destiny is so incredibly informative and helpful--this item is a bargain for what you get! She is a pro at ManyVids, so her tips and tricks are definitely worth it. In addition to the great content and informative she provides, she is also ultimately one of the most sweet and down-to-earth girls you will ever talk to, laugh with, etc! Destiny is super charismatic and positive on top of that. I feel like I have a new soul sister <3

Penelope Peach Mar 10 2017

I wish I could rate this 5 stars! After my call with Destiny, I have 2 pages of notes, knowledge about parts of the site I had never thought to explore, and an actual plan for increasing my traffic and income on MV. Before I felt helpless and overwhelmed but after talking with Destiny I feel like being successful here is truly possible and within my grasp! Never felt so inspired! ❤

PinkiePixi deleted Mar 9 2017

As a camgirl who has been doing this for nearly 5 years, I am SO glad that I purchased this! Destiny has incredible advice and showed me parts of the site that I didnt even know existed, and walked me through how to use them to my advantage. If youre new to ManyVids, or if youre a seasoned camgirl and just want to figure out how to get the most out of your content - Destiny knows how to do it, and she can teach you! Absolutely recommend this! My only regret is that I waited so long to buy this!

RileyRaine420 deleted Mar 8 2017

After finishing up the conference call with Destiny I wish I could rate this 10-stars out of 5! I bought this item because, I wanted to better my standing on Manyvids and make my profile the best it can be for all my followers as well as help gain more followers. I highly recommend any webcam model to buy this weather you are just starting out on Manyvids or just want to help make you profile better for your follower! She was able to show me a lot of cool parts of Manyvids I didn’t know even excited and made great recommendations on how to promote better and be overall successful! Thank you Destiny <3

Just finished up my call with Destiny. We did the Tips & Tricks along with her Profile Consultation. I think just about every model should have a one on one with her to learn the site. Even though I've gone over the site a lot on my own, I still learned a lot from her. I honestly believe Manyvids should put her services on the FAQ page to help models succeed. I told her I had been watching her carefully for months to learn from her and it has helped my rankings tremendously this year as I finally started putting things to use. So now that I have a complete picture of how to use this site, I know I will do even better going forward! I really appreciate Destiny offering this in her store. I also loved that she didn't rush the call and was very thorough in her explanations.

Coco Loca Feb 25 2017

I am establish pvt based camgirl and always neglected my clips and content bc its totally different ball game and made me feel lil overwhelmed. Thanks to Destiny and her quick simple BUT very helpful "Tips&Tricks" session I have now better understanding how to manage this different medium. She is absolute sweetheart and I highly recommend this investment to any smart fellow slayer! Thanks girl! <3

Aerie Saunders Feb 23 2017

I won this in a raffle but holy crap now that I actually know what it is I totally wouldn't of minded paying for it. BUY IT, WHETHER YOU'RE A SEASONED CLIP MAKER OR BRAND-SPANKIN-NEW she gives you information that is super helpful, and for some of us who have been here a while probably just went "over our head" and we didn't even realize we could utilize it. I literally have a whole page full of notes and a game plan for this year now, before this session I was like what am I gonna do oh no! Literally manyvids should hire her as a model consultant.

BBWDesiree Feb 20 2017

I have only been a cam model for 3 months. To be able to Skype with a successful  cam model/ content maker/ award winning person such as Destiny was fucking amazing ! She showed me everything on Manyvids and let me ask questions even questions that had nothing to do with Manyvids! Destiny is the Manyvids Queen! Buy this i promise its worth it ! 5 Stars, just amazing ! Thanks so much Destiny, your the best!

BBWCamoPrincess Dec 27 2016

This was hands down one of the best things that I purchased from Destiny. I can't recommend this service enough. Destiny has been an absolute godsend to me as a new model. Don't hesitate to purchase any of Destiny's camgirl products, you won't be disappointed. Thank you again Destiny ⚘

CourtneyPage deleted Nov 12 2016

I couldn't really afford this but I really wanted it so I asked a customer to get this for me and I am so glad I did! :*) If you are a model or studio thinking about purchasing this DO IT! Destiny is so friendly and explains everything so well. All my questions were answered and then some! She gives you all the tools you need to get Trending, get traffic, and get the best use out of different features available on the site. Thank you Destiny! :x

bustypie deleted Jul 28 2016

I just got off my conference call with Destiny and OMG! I knew I'd learn some new new tips and tricks but she is seriously like the MV business guru. I highly recommend this to any girl here on MV because the technical instruction she gives alone is enough to boggle the mind. I am so grateful and inspired! I am positive this item will pay for itself many times over! Thanks again Destiny! <3

SerephDoll Jul 26 2016

I'm an experienced MV and camgirl and this was still super helpful to me. There is so much to learn about this site and Destiny has such a good understanding of it all. I seriously highly recommend this to any girl, not just new girls. Plus she is so sweet and it's fun to just talk with her and giggle about stuff. I am so thankful for this and can't wait to start seeing my numbers rise! <3

Vee VonSweets Jul 21 2016

One of my members bought this for me and it was amazing! I learned so much about this site from Destiny. She took her time going over everything and was super sweet. I would suggest all MV girls to buy this ASAP!

Zaya Black
Zaya Black deleted Jul 15 2016

Okay, I'm super glad I bought this! I was skeptical but Destiny's tips are awesome. She answered a bunch of random personal questions I had in addition to providing me advice from her experience on the site. I even used one of her tips today after our consultation and already sold two store items I literally never sell, so I'm already seeing results. I excited again about MV and the possibilities. Thanks again, Destiny. :*)<3

AddisonFirexo deleted Jul 6 2016

One of my customers bought this for me and I'm super glad they did! I wasn't expecting to learn as much as I did. Destiny was extremely professional, personable and so helpful. I by far learned more from here in the time I spent with her than the year I've spent nosing around the site. Girl is a genius. She showed me the "manyvids bible" and "holy grail" of the site and my life is CHANGED. Will recommend to all of my friends. Cannot thank you enough!!

DestinyDiaz Jul 6 2016

hahah Omg Addison.. I spit my drink out when I read "ManyVids Bible" and the "Holy Grail" LOL 
You are so welcome girl !

Mezria Mae Adams
Mezria Mae Adams deleted Jun 26 2016

This was bought for me and it was by the far one of the most useful things anyone could give their favorite model!  She not only let me vent on a bad a day about things, but she was so nice, professional, gave advice for all sorts of things cam related, and showed me things I had no idea about on MV.  She was easy to communicate with, explained things so well, and I cannot recommend this store item or this fantastically beautiful lady enough!  Thank you so much!

I just finished my skype call with Destiny for the MV Tips and Tricks. There was so much useful information about what this site has to offer, I had no idea any of these features existed. I have no doubt that what I learned will help my increase my traffic and sales here on manyvids. Thank you SO much Destiny! Also, Destiny is a total sweetheart, down to earth, and so easy to talk to. I would 100% recommend this to every girl on MV!

AshleyOneil deleted Jun 20 2016

I bought this and it was just AWESOME!! She really gets in depth and goes through EVERYTHING there is to know about the site!! I have been on manyvids a year or so and I learned sooo much just now!! Destiny is so smart,beautiful,nice and so comfortable to talk to!! I really cant thank her enough!! GIRLS JUMP ON THIS!!! <3<3<3<3

TaylerTexas Jun 20 2016

I've been a ManyVids member for over a year and a half, and I didn't know or think as closely about MOST of the things that Destiny told me throughout our session. I truly did learn a lot, and understand logistics of the site much better! Any and every girl should buy this session! I highly recommend it!

Goddess Tay Jun 14 2016

I found this to be quite useful. I never thought of these in my time on MV.

Kelli Morrison Jun 10 2016

Man, I've been on MV for over 2 years and I didn't know SO many incredibly useful features existed until I did my Skype session with Destiny! She went over everything from how the main website is set up, to the mobile site, to how to search through categories, reach more members that I may have not reached before, and so much more. What she offers is worth 10x the price. Grab this! ***<3

BuxomBabee Jun 4 2016

This item is a definite must have if you are just starting up on MV. Destiny offers many little tips and tricks that you would never think of that could promote you to your best, how to thrive and be successful on MV.
It's refreshing to know that there are girls out there who are willing to take time out of their busy lives to help other girls reach their ultimate potential. 
Thank you so much, Destiny! xx :D

ClassyCara Jun 3 2016

I'd been on ManyVids for a while and honestly thought there wasn't much I didn't know about, boy was I wrong! Destiny gives GREAT insight and a different perspective on all things MV. (even some not so well known features) This very helpful, inspiring, and positive chat has given me sooooo much to think about!!! :-D

Honestly, Destiny is so full of tons of ideas! She does a great job of knowing how to drive traffic, and to thrive, I have come to her not only about tips for MV, but just how to be a better camgirl. She makes you feel confident, its nice to have a helping hand and lending ear. Plus, she is crazy gorgeous.

Shaye Taylor
Shaye Taylor deleted Jun 3 2016

Manyvids is such an awesome site, but I was overwhelmed with how to use it All. How do I get my videos seen in the mix of everyone else?!  Destiny showed me simple little tricks to get seen, and have your items seen!  Her energy is contagious and I'm so excited for my many vids store now!!!

CoriiSiren May 20 2016

When I started manyvids, I didn't bother to look into all the specs and things you can do. She taught me so much about the site and little short cuts for more traffic, etc. Definately get with her on this!

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