Leopardess $9.99

Hello everyone! :)Here's a new little set for you guys! :) It took me until the end of the week to shoot this but i tried to make up the delay with a ton of super naughty shots... haha, i hope you guys like this! :)As you can see, i'm wearing some awesome leopard print sheer leggings, the almost look like thigh highs because the print ends at the top of the thigh, i thought that was pretty cool, i'm also wearing leopard print panties to match my leggings of course, haha. ;) I decided to keep my nails without nail polish for one more week because i wanted my little toes to breathe for a little longer, i will paint them for my next set. ;)So, for this set i'm a little leopardess, just trying to look sexy with my sexy tights and super sexy heels... I hope you guys like this!

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