Worn Panties $89.99

Buy a pair of Nova's worn panties. If you want to own some panties that have caressed premium Asian pussy then these are for you! I have dozens of pairs that I cycle through. After you purchase please send a message detailing the type of panties you like. Add as much detail as you can so I can find the perfect pair. This would mean style (cotton/slik/thong/full bum/sporty/lace/etc.) and the condition you want them in (clean/perfumed/orgasmed). If you want to upgrade your panties to something a lil more kinky select the "dirty" add on and I will wear the panties for 3-4 days until they are nice and "fresh". If you have any questions or requests before purchase or it is not listed here please send a MV message.

Quantity: 14
Size: XS
Condition: Worn many times



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