well worn black tights


My well worn tights .. Can come with extras in like cum etc .. Whatever you request :)

Remaining: 79
Condition: Worn many times



Mwnsdaddy Mar 7 2023

Still selling these right now?

AJWilliker Apr 21 2022

Hi can you message me about this? Thanks

BellaBooX Jul 17 2017

sure x

jusadrew Jul 13 2017

can you soak them whit pussy juice and saliva and wipe your butthole whit them

skidrow Jan 24 2017

is it still available ?

BellaBooX Jan 24 2017

yes xx

skidrow Jan 24 2017

it is really the one that u wore in this vid www.manyvids.com/Video/122373/Teasing-My-Pussy-Through-Tights/

BellaBooX Jan 24 2017

yes ;) x

skidrow Jan 24 2017

great, can u send me more pic of this , high resolution ? and mastubate on it ?

mrbangtidy87 Jan 12 2017

I purchased this and I have to say Bella never fails to please! Everything perfect from excellent professional service from a absolute stunning beautiful babe. You will not be disappointed when ordering anything from Bella.

BellaBooX Jan 16 2017

thanks so much for this I really appreciate the kind comments if you drop me a prvt message I would love to send you a thankyou package xx

BellaBooX Nov 10 2016

yes i ship worldwide :)

vincentwu0517 Nov 10 2016

do u ship to usa?

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