Afternoon Delight $9.99

ello everyone! :)Here's a new little set for you! :) I'm in Pharr, Texas for business related reasons, i've been staying in a hotel since Monday and i came prepared to take my pictures here. I thought it would be nice to take them in a different place this time, i love staying in hotels, i get a big bed, cable tv and free breakfast! haha.So, for this set i decided to model some of the pretty flip flops i received this past month, unfortunately i haven't been able to wear them outside since the weather's been pretty cold, but that didn't stop me from modeling them for you guys, i know flip flops are a favorite type of shoe for some of you, so i'm hoping you guys will like this. :) I decided to name it Afternoon Delight because i thought that my little feet looked delightful in this afternoon light, haha! ;) I wanted to make this set simple and relaxed with a lot of close ups since i haven't been taking many close ups recently. I wanted to show you how pretty my feet look with these sandals, they're all so colorful, and the lighting in my room was perfect, it was a perfect afternoon to take pictures! I want to thank Chadi and Omar for sending these beautiful sandals to me, thank you guys!

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