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Hello everyone! :)First of all, i want to wish you all a Happy Halloween, i hope you all have a wonderful time this Thursday.This is the last set of October, but i want you to know that i'll be doing another costume set on November because i still have one more costume i want to use! :)Anyway, for this set, i'm a giant polar bear! haha. I bought these cute furry legwarmers and a big furry vest, i know it's not a complete costume but i'm sure you guys can see the resemblance... ;) This big bear is kind of a bully because she likes to trample little panda bears.. haha.I used pink and black polish because one of my dogs had pink and black paws, and i thought that was the cutest thing! :)I hope you guys like this set, i had fun shooting it, you know i really like dressing up for you guys. And thank you so much for the feedback on my previous set, i really appreciate it. I love knowing you guys like my sets.

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