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I made this cute little barefoot sandals while i was at my mom's house this week, i think they came out pretty cute and i thought it would be a good idea to model them for you guys. I really like to wear barefoot sandals for my sets, i think they're so cute but i can never find many colors or designs on Amazon, so i think that i can make them from now on, i hope you guys like them too. :)I picked a dress to match my anklets and decided to just lounge on my couch while i tease you guys with my pretty little feet, haha. ;) I kept the same pedicure as last week since i'm sure you guys didn't get a chance to see it up close because of last week's pantyhose set, i wanted you guys to see how pretty it is so i kept it for this set as well, also, i've been walking around in heels a lot this past week so you might notice my soles are a bit chafed... :( I didn't get the chance to soak my feet or do anything for them before the shoot, i thought they didn't look that bad and i hope you guys agree... ;)

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