Fruity Toes $9.99

Hello everyone! :)Here's a pretty new set for you all...For this set, i decided to make my little toes look colorful and pretty like little pieces of fruit... :) I thought it would be a good idea to smother them with yogurt since that's how i like to eat fruit, and i'm sure you guys would love to eat my little toes now that they look so colorful and pretty, just like fruit.. haha. ;)This is how i would prepare your desert, I would walk around in my pretty heels for a while then take my heels off and pour the creamy yogurt all over my little feet, you'd of course have to eat it off my feet... haha. ;)I chose a fruity dress to go with my colorful toes, so i guess i'm a big piece of fruit, haha, all edible... ;) I also chose my new white heels for this set because i love how they are so open and they show off my toes so much, i really hope you guys like it too! :)

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