Doshi Panty

$69.99 SAVE 50%

Do you want to get intimate with me? Do you want to smell my scent? Wrap my panty around your cock as you stroke it for me.

Remaining: 23
Condition: Worn only once or twice



Any option to purchase a used bra instead?

yes. book through custom video.

Hiajia69 Mar 11

Is video of pussyplay with pantie extra


Still available?

are these still available?

ALWAYS Available

depends on my schedule. travel. bookings. normally 7-10 days

How long till item ships?


I got them and I love them,thanks so much

Aerincruz Apr 30 2023


JasonJiake Apr 23 2023

Can I send it to China please

JasonJiake Apr 15 2023

Can I mail it to China

Skhrax Apr 2 2023

Hey there! Pls DM me too discuss a custom project with that panty :)

twomuchtwotwo Feb 2 2023

DM ME let’s video chat right now!

lovefetish69 Jan 16 2023

您好 Nicole,請問可以客製化購買你的原味嗎?

Nba_1208 Nov 25 2022

Are those the only panties you have babe??

Yes! Buy pantie and tip $50 extra

nicoledoshi Jul 6 2022

please purchase and send dm to let me know special request

thedreamsbig Jun 16 2022

Any way I could get some panties after a bbc encounter?

Dirty D29 May 28 2022

Any thongs available pm me goddess thank you 🔥 would like to additional request

nicoledoshi Jul 6 2022

available bby

nicoledoshi Jul 6 2022

yes, but will require $40 extra for shipping

Nic0000 May 6 2022

Can you ship to australia?

Always babe

nicoledoshi Jul 6 2022

yes bby

Richharddd Apr 13 2022

Are you still selling?

INOComfort Mar 7 2022


nicoledoshi Mar 28 2022

Thank you baby, i hope you enjoyed them!

Le1995412 Jul 3 2022

can u sent it to china?

Bigjay430 Feb 4 2022

Sniff sniff

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