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Do you want to know what Ashley really thinks of your dick? Get this video review of your cock! After you purchase, send Ashley a picture or two through a ManyVids message. She'll respond with a 5 minute video checking out your picture(s) and letting your know what she thinks of your dick!

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Condition: New

Interested if become available!

mrpep5 Oct 5

please dm if you would do another

Are you doing these at all? Haha

Themitersaw Dec 28 2022

Bring the ratings back. 🙏

Davids Penis Dec 28 2022

Would love to order this!

Bhavin0808 Jun 13 2022

Bring this back

Chris638 May 2 2022

Can you still order this?

EctoSquid Sep 27 2021

Can this be requested as a custom video since it's no longer available here?

EmpireStrike Aug 1 2021

Please let me know when this is available again!

MidnightKnight7 May 31 2021

I would love to buy this if it were ever available again!

Johnjohn198988 Dec 1 2020

Hi when is this going to be available? Thanks

Clark23 deleted Aug 31 2020

Is this going to be available for purchase again?

Vitaps Aug 5 2020

You don’t do it anymore..?

Zodiac999 Jul 6 2020

I need this.

mrplow59 May 5 2020

Any chance of this coming back ash?

Tommyx1919 Mar 24 2020

I'd be down to purchase this if it was available

theblackbird_88 Feb 27 2020

If there is a waiting list for this: *signs name* haha

manj66 Nov 10 2019

I'd be willing to pay for this... just saying. You'd make some pretty good money.

StonedChieftain Aug 17 2019

Hey Ashley, do you still do this? Would pay a lot for one, just saying.

Beingie24 Jul 6 2019

Do you still do this?

TommyGunnerBoy May 27 2019

Please bring this back, Ashley!!

bigchuck78 Apr 10 2019

Is there a way i could get this?

robbyy556677 Feb 8 2019

How can i purchase ? I want u to rate it !!

SwamyP deleted Feb 5 2019

Please make this available once again..

TommyGunnerBoy Dec 29 2018

I'd love for this to become available again

MarioTheDude deleted Oct 3 2018

Make it available please

SwamyP deleted Sep 30 2018

Please make this available agian.

Robb92 May 9 2018

I’d love to but this if it's available. I’d love to hear Ashley mock my cock.

chizrocker88 Dec 13 2017

I'm going to guess, based off the other comments, this isn't coming back any time soon lol

Mendozaf Nov 24 2017

Can you make this available again please??

datazndude317 deleted Nov 23 2017

Hey!.. yeah.. if ever you're bringing this back let me know! haha :D

puck620 May 22 2017

When do you think you will make more available?

I'm very interested.

ns4433 May 13 2017

will these be avail?

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