Well worn Used Shoes


I've always thought I have really nice sexy feet, and that my well-worn and well loved shoes have gone underappreciated when I was getting rid of them. Now, as I'm cleaning out my closet, my loss can be your gain! Convince me to part with a favorite pair. If you're looking for something specific.... I just may have it and haven't posted it yet! (I started with flats, but some very special heels are next to be posted. Contact me if interested!)Here is a link to an album showcasing all the pairs of shoes currently available for you to adore. http://imgur.com/a/M0m2eDo you prefer them heavily scented? If so, I could wear your pair for a while before shipping them off to make sure they are nice and "fresh" for you. Shipping may be extra and can vary. Please message me BEFORE purchasing, to be sure of the price with shipping and that I can fill your order in a timely fashion. I travel frequently, and this is not always possible. Thanks!!

Quantity: 10
Size: 7
Condition: Very Dirty



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