MV Creator Collection


Rep ManyVids in your bedroom, at the beach, or around town with our newest Creator Collection! Includes the Bubble Graffiti Bikini, Cutout Swimsuit, ManyVids Crop Top, MV Pillowcase, and the MV Live Pillowcase.

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Condition: New

Take! My! Money!:money_bags:

Love it want 🤑

if anyone wants to get me this, i'll treat you to $100 in vids as a ty 😍🙈 my tits would be so cute in that black onepiece, underboob galore 😂🤭

I would LOVE this package! It is so adorable

You would look so hot in that black one piece 🔥😍🫠

Omg cutttteeeeee I need it all 🥰

SirenSlut1251 deleted Jan 10

If someone buys me this I will send you some sexy customes in it ;)

Love and support💞

Someone should buy this for me I'm a bald baddie and it would look so hot! 🥵

Someone buy this for me pls & thx 🎀😍

Hey guys, who want to send me this? Will give you hot reward!🔥

If any babe wants to be a prince and buy this for his little girl.... ❤️‍🔥Just know in return you will receive a thank you gift consisting of a drop box with 100 Naughty Pics, 3 Strip videos "Me stripping out of this sexy lounge wear 😁 annndddd a premium subscription for 3 months!!

I want this :A size medium ;)

i’ll start going live on here if.. you know the rest (;

How do I upload store items to my manyvids page?

Who really wants to get my attention?? Your reward will “keep on giving “.

anyone who sends me this for my birthday will get spoiled with your choice of videos ;)  birthday is 10.16

Shae Wednesday
Shae Wednesday deleted Sep 1

All videos free if you spoil me size l 🖤

Want lol

I NEED this 💋 size M

Anyone who buys this for me will get all my vids I have posted for free ($66 worth) PLUS will get all my august content for free as well 💋 size M



Daaaamn wow we need that!!!😍😍😍

Im waaaaaaant:A

anyone who gets me this i will send a 30 minute gangbang video and a private call - size medium xxx

Anyone who gets this gets 5 min custom vid, I'm a size Medium!!

i’m a size medium! get a 10 minute custom if you buy for me 💛

I’m a small!!!  5 min custom video of your choice!  Who wants to spoil me!!

KittyNy May 29

I will make a custom video according to your scenario for 10 minutes for the one who will give me this kit. My size is S. Which of you gentlemen will please me? 

I'm a small. Who wants spoiled me

Pick 10 videos

nice :)

Thchic88 May 27

I’m a size small. Whoever buys gets all vids for free 😋

Vai ficar lindo na minha Bunda

I will make a hot juicy 10 min custom video for this collection in an XL. So who would be willing to spoil me❤️💋:yesbaby-4:

I’m a size small 😉 10min custom for the buyer 😏😏

Perfect 🤩 who can ship this to the UK?

Totally need this set:A

KylieFargo Mar 22 2023

How fast will it arrive ?

digital_geisha Feb 24 2023

I will make a great custom video for whoever spoil me with this 😻

CameraCharmer Feb 6 2023

Babe, I wear a size medium. I have a 10 minute sexy video for you and a photo series me wear the gear:woohoo-16:

CharityCherry Feb 5 2023

You want to see me in this bad, so you get this for me, and get to enjoy every single second staring at your prized possessions😵‍💫

pinkpantiess_ Feb 2 2023

New here !! Love this set I need it babe😻😻

SteeleTigerLily Jan 30 2023

I want this 🥰 spoil me 😘

Ahzzee Feb 10 2023

Can i give you

BrashWille Jan 17 2023

need this for sure 🥹

indiejjanee Jan 16 2023

new here and i DEFINITELY need this.. who's ready to spoil?? 😈🥵

twoshadez Dec 24 2022


Mauve Eagle Dec 20 2022

Cool :)

CherrySquirt deleted Dec 18 2022

Such a cute collection! Hopefully size Medium doesn't sell out!

Any one willing to gift a juicy kitty this cutie set for Christmas?

Size XL

NickyLove Dec 8 2022

Ficaria feliz em obter este conjunto em um S  quem enviar receberá uma tentativa gratuita de fotos especiais para você

Beg4itbaby Dec 1 2022

Gift me this Item & I will make you a custom solo vid in each item ❤️ (size small)

Peachy Parker Nov 30 2022

Please, I need this so bad! ^.^

Missi Rae Nov 27 2022


Playmate Katrina Nov 25 2022

anyone wanna spoil a girl for xmas? 15 videos of your choice PLUS bonus secret gift :A

Nastyblack26 Nov 24 2022

Twice the action for a 3 months 4 free

twoshadez Nov 24 2022

For men must be on the way 🤓

Flame Jade Nov 23 2022

I love this so much :)

BustyMegan Nov 22 2022

so cute

lxSmolKittenxl deleted Nov 21 2022

Would be stoked to get this set in an XL 🥺 anyone who sends will get free try on pics special to you

Mysti Majesti Nov 20 2022

I would be so grateful to recieve this from a fan in an XXL! Free unboxing & trying on vids for the fans who shop for me 😘 Oh and of course dirty pics! Lol!

SexyBunnybutt Nov 19 2022

Size small if anyone to gift me this

AnaGreys Nov 8 2022

I would like to get this for my birthday is November 10th! Give it to me and you will receive 10 of my videos and a custom of 10 min

BentleyRose Nov 5 2022

Someone buy this for me!

¡Dámelo por 10 videos gratis y 1 videollamada gratis de 20 minutos!

Aurora Blue X Oct 18 2022

I've seen some MVstars add "gift me mv items" to their store. You could do that 

oceangirlonshow Oct 18 2022

Love this idea

shylanervous Oct 14 2022

I wish there was a way we could add MV Clothing Items to our Profile as a wishlist.

Adrisilvy90 Oct 11 2022

I love it 🤩

Randi the Ho Sep 22 2022

Waiting for the day this arrives in the mail 😇

Nickymask Sep 14 2022


Tainted420 Sep 5 2022

Gift me this in xl and recieve photo sets of me in the items

Crypto Mommy Sep 5 2022

give me this charm size L! I will send two of my hot films as a gift

AinoHara Sep 4 2022

I need this set  My size S

Canadian Bimbo Sep 4 2022

😍 I need this! Love it! Size M

bluesmoke231 deleted Sep 2 2022

Ugh 😩 I need this whole bundle 😍 I’m in love! Size L

Paisley Peaches
Paisley Peaches deleted Aug 31 2022

i WANT IT ALLx_xx_x

chloecashmerexo Aug 30 2022

The pillows are so cute!

TsBlondieNYC Aug 28 2022

I want 🥺🔥🔥🔥

Plumpjenna Aug 24 2022

I need it all 😭💖 it’s all so cute!!

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