Used Panties Worn For a WEEK


You are purchasing one pair of my panties worn for a full week, mailed to you. I will send you one photo every day (or all of the daily photos at the end of the week, depending on my schedule), plus a very brief video clip of them being taken off and bagged up to ship. I might work out or work outside in my garden while wearing them, so they may be a bit sweaty as well. For this item, after you purchase, I will give you the choice of a couple of pairs of my panties, and you can pick which one you'd like me to wear and send to you (or, if you prefer, I can decide myself which panty to wear and send.) In total, you will receive: - one pair of my panties mailed to you (after I've worn them for a week) - seven photos of me wearing them (one for each day of the week) - a very BRIEF video clip of the panties being taken off and bagged up to ship to you (Please do not ask me to go to the bathroom or anything in them. I don't offer that kind of content.)

Remaining: 1
Condition: Worn many times
Only Size



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