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Not into SPH? That's fine! Whether your Dick is massive or just average, I will rate and/or compliment your dick if you purchase this! I'll tell you my honest opinion!

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josieyez Jul 12 2017

Shaye's text rating has been honest and insightful and actually very hot! Just so you'd have an idea what you'd be getting, I've decided to share my rating here, so enjoy the read: 

I really like the last 3 pictures! They are pretty and artistic looking! You have nice balls. They appear to be somewhat firm and smooth, they don't look like they hang too low. I personally prefer circumcised cocks but yours still looks pretty. It seems to be of average length and girth but average is fine, in my opinion. I give it a 7.5-8 point rating  I like the shape and the color (sounds weird but I've seen some crazy colors lol)

Is it a video response?