Cummy Panties $59.99

Sexy panties with my cum all over them

Please email after purchase for special requests or colors

Quantity: 982
Condition: New



Zdet99 Aug 21

Do you ship to Aus ?

you still have some for sale?

Ronin34 Jun 19

Do you ship international? Tks

kal2ma Mar 9

are these still available?

Rainingd Feb 10

Can u msg me about a pair of panties plz.

please DM me about panties...thanks!!!

Knotai2474 Feb 25 2017

Hi, I had a couple of questions.  You're selling cummy panties for $59.99 but an extra $5.00 for dirty with pussy juice.  Does that mean the $59.99 aren't really cummy unless you add the extra $5.00?  And what exactly is Essence of Anna? Definitely interested in both but I'm curious about them.  Thanks. 


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