Snapchat Bundle Pack $34.99

INCLUDES: ❤Premium Snapchat add❤2015 Snapchat files pack❤5 bonus snapchat videos (with premium Snapchat)I will email you the links to the files pack and the video as well as email for your Snapchat name to add.

Quantity: 663
Condition: New


Are u still interested in doing your Snapchat for life

Case609 Aug 21 2017

Just bought this can't wait to see you!!

Kenngr253 Jul 28 2017

I just purchased your Snapchat public

Harryman Jul 19 2017

So I bought the pack and my Snapchat is chingaling1

sheldy23 Jul 14 2017

Hi I'm just curious if I bought your Snapchat bundle right now would I be getting it right now

sheldy23 Jul 12 2017

If I bought you a SnapChat premium right now what I get it straight away

pornpopper Jun 4 2017

what are the rules and details for snap?

GamerGirlRoxy Jun 18 2017

You can screenshot and send me whatever you want anytime! I only post XXX snaps to the story for everyone to see

Christoff238 Apr 30 2017

Do you get to keep the pics and vids forever?

GamerGirlRoxy Jun 18 2017

Yes they are via download link!

Csoulint Feb 16 2017

Is this premium for life?

GamerGirlRoxy Mar 11 2017

yes it is :D

just bought the bundle

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