GIANT Cummy Gummy Worm Green and Yellow


Enjoy my favorite treat SUPER SIZED at 7oz with a hint of me added to the mix! This is for a single worm (you will only get to choose either oral, vaginal or sweaty foot.)Check "make panty dirty with pussy juice" to have me squirt into your bag or make them extra cummy. (If no preference is given, by default you will be given extra cummy.) DO NOT FORGET TO CHECK "SEAL ITEM IN PLASTIC BAG"! Order a custom video to see it be made! Discreet shipping! Want something specific additional to your order? Here's a few options I have readily available:-Vacuum Seal Gummies:'t see what you're looking for? Message me! Tags: smell fetish, taste fetish, candy, gummy worms/gummy bears/gummy candy/gummy candies/gummies/cummy gummies

Quantity: 1
Condition: Very Dirty