Hot Girl Summer Bundle


It's summer, and that means you can rep MV on the beach, hanging by the poolside, and so much more. The Hot Girl Summer Collection has you covered! Includes the Bubble Graffiti Bikini, Cutout Swimsuit, and a Phone Pop (randomly selected).

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Condition: New


My Nina Jun 3

I also need one!!!

Oh I definitely need these for my summer videos♥️

This set is so great! I would love to wear these for my videos! :A

Perfect set😍 A must buy 😜

Wow would love the chance to model this!

Sugar93 Dec 3

Give me love! I'm size "M" I want to model this bikini for you :a_gift_for_you::bra::thong::and...action:

How much is shipping and handling

So cute

Hey it's my B'day this week if anyone fancies getting me a little present? I would be sure to send some exclusive bits of me wearing it! x

i will definetly get one

anyone who sends me this for my birthday will get spoiled with your choice of videos ;)  birthday is 10.16

Anyone have the black swimsuit. I'd love to see how it looks on.

looks cool


M for me please! ❤️ I‘ll send you a custom video with it!

XL for me 😍

My Birthday is coming in 10 days ,come spoil your Virgo Queen. I will spoil you back with a custom video wearing your gift size XL please

A size small Pretty Please.. Anything gifted to me equals a custom for you! XOXO

SherylX Aug 18

If someone would like to get them for me, choose M size and write me in DM for rewards;);):x

Any Daddy’s out there want to buy your little princess a size Small??:bra::thong:

Flory Delight
Flory Delight deleted Aug 17

i need  S  size 
who wants to buy it for me?
all my vids or 10 min custom video:x;)

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