Stinky Soft Black Knitted Nylon Scks

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Price include 3 days wearing (daytime only), + 3 pic of me in the socks, vacuum seal package and nice wrapping. Fabric is super soft knitted nylon it's thicker than a normal nylon socks..**Extra days $20 up to 5 days then $25 each day up to 10 days**Extra Workout $20 each day**Pee on the socks $30 (include 2-3 minutes clip)**Squirt on the socks $40 (include 3-4 minutes clip)Clip not CUSTOM CLIP BUT CAN CUSTOMIZE FOR EXTRA FEE!!!Package is discrete! Shipping via Airmail provides tracking number.

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Condition: Dirty



are you in the united states?

MissAnja Jan 28

No! I'm not