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According to Realonlyfansreviews.c0m, I have one of the best dick ratings that you can get, so they've named me Queen of dick ratings. Don't take them for their word... order one and see for yourself!⭐️⭐️⭐️ PERSONALIZED NUDE HONEST DICK RATING I'll send you a downloadable video (~12 min) where I'm showing face, saying your name and giving you an honest review, telling you what I think about it, what I would do with it and a final rating it on scale. If you can't handle honesty, don't request it! I've done over 1000.⭐️⭐️⭐️After purchasing, send me at least 5 high quality RECENT pics (or if you have the pubes in different stages, tell me how you usually wear them), multiple close-up angles with hard.1. Size reference pic. Put the tape/ruler along the shaft, starting from the base, without pushing into the pubic bone or if it's a standard t0ilet paper roll tube, the same but place it on the side, parallel to your dick NOT under. Don't use other objects. Let me know if it's cm or inches.2. From the side and standing.3. Pic with balls (what I see kneeling in front of you). Let them hang.4. Your POV (what you see when you look at it but from up close)5. Close-up of the peeled head. These are mandatory. They don't have to be in this order. It's forbidden: non-nudes/bulge, vids, cum, dark/low res pics, colored light (other than the normal one), full body (dick will be too far), pics with other people. As long as you've sent the mandatory pics, it's fine to add other pics of your choice. Delivery 1 to 5 days.

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