Movie Length Custom


I only have a few slots for these customs! I've really been wanting to make a few movie-length, multi scene custom style videos. These videos will be 50/60 minutes minimum, with no additional charge if I go over!

I'll be moving into my new home in mid April/early May, and would love to get a few customs booked in to film as soon as I move!

Buying this store-item books you in for a movie-length custom. There'll be no additional charge for cum-lube, multiple scenes, angles, taboo, etc! Please message me once you order this item with your idea, and I'll give you a time-stamped breakdown of your script for you to approve! I'm looking for creative scripts that you think warrant a slow build up and are heavy on roleplay :)

These customs are fully-refundable if not delivered as they are store items!

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Condition: New


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