VOTE TO BUY Valentine Goodie Package $349.99

You can only purchase this package by voting $50 in Cupid's Contest! Please use the vote button on my profile to get to the correct page! ------ Only 14 available! Goodie package includes 1 pair of vacuum sealed worn panties (1 day) with my perfume scent - A valentines card with my lipstick kiss - 2 exclusive Valentine themed signed photo prints (non nude) - 1 naughty polaroid (nude) (can be a fansign if you wish!) - 2 naughty pops (pussy or ass or both) - Exclusive Valentine themed solo video | | | | | | Orders end on Feb 14th and will be shipped to arrive by the end of February! All orders are packaged discreetly. *** US CUSTOMERS ONLY ***

Quantity: 12
Condition: Worn only once or twice


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