Panties $99.99

If you prefer a certain style, I will have to get in contact with you via on here. I send them dirty, or with perfume.... Please allow 5-7 shipping DAYS.

Quantity: 1000
Size: S
Condition: Worn many times



matt14482 Apr 28 2017

hello beautiful could you message me id like to buy a pair of panties and would like to talk about it.

PlayTimeTim Apr 13 2017

Hi Dakota its me Tim love to get a pair of panties any style and color can u message me on style and colors ?

04ealr1 Mar 12 2017

Hi Dakota can you message me please regarding purchasing panties?

Just Dakota Apr 6 2017

yes I can

DublChuk75 Mar 9 2017

I would like a thong with your pussy juice.

Just Dakota Apr 6 2017

I have those available ! sending you a msg xoxo

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