Slave Tasks Level 1 $29.99

Slave tasks, tasks I make you do whether you like them or not. They could be slapping your balls, eating your own cum, having a wank in a public bathroom, or anything else I find equally fun and naughty. These tasks can be done over a 1 week term. Let me know how many you want on a certain day or if that day at all. Let my creative and devious mind own your body for a short time. This is good for 8 tasks.

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Do we have to send proof that we did the task? Or do you just give the task and we do it like that? Really want to buy this

Rainingd Sep 25

Msg me about this plz

The_guy_next_door deleted Jun 22 2017

hi 😁After you buy this have quick do you get the tasks?

Kristie Bish Jun 22 2017

Slave tasks are unique to each person.