5 Signed Photos Goody Box $79.99

Do you value the tangible? Maybe this package is more for you. If you enjoy receiving fun, flirty and sexy packages in the mail to cheer you and rile your senses, then this might be the trick!

I like to compose an individual package of items for each person based on their requests, I determine what the best contents-- and "theme" if any. I like to kiss my notes with lipstick, spray them with perfume, and include many pieces of me to make it intimate.

1. Pack of 5 printed SIGNED 4x5 3/4" photos of your choice- these can not be custom photos (+$50 custom pics)

2. One printed collage of recent nude selfies I compose for you. No repeats I will sign on the white part, since photos here are smaller :)

3. One hand written, personalized, and original note written just for you. With you in mind. I do not pre make any of these items.

4. One hand crafted item. This could be a painting, paper craft, scrapbook type page made for you, depending on the package you buy-- this could get elaborate

Quantity: 500
Condition: New