Black Nylon Fishnet Back Fullbacks $48.99

Price includes 24 hours of wear. Listed shipping is standard without tracking. If you are international please be aware that shipping to your zip code will probably cost more than I have listed as the shipping! I highly recommend sending me a PM with your zip code so I can get you a more accurate estimate.

Full customization available:

Gusset Stuffing: $7

Wipe (pee): $7

Priority Shipping w/ Tracking (US): $9

Extra Day(s) of wear: $14 per day (no cap)

Video: $14 for up to 10 minutes.

Extra Anal Attention: $14

Extra Juicy: $14

Pee (soak): $15

Workout: $14

Panty Stuffing: $21

Squirt: $21

Anal Stuffing: $28

No Shower: $28

Quantity: 1
Size: M
Condition: Worn many times