Pink Bootyshorts


This is a pair of one of my trusty everyday panties, so they are well and truly worn in! They can be clean, worn, cummy or perfumed. As standard they will come to you worn, but if you wish them to be perfumed or extra cummy then just add the section of your preference. They will be sent to you in a sealed plastic bag, straight off my body so that they are the freshest possible. I am currently only sending within the UK. This is for THIS particular pair. If you have a style or colour you would prefer let me know and we can negotiate!

Remaining: 1
Condition: Worn many times



PipeFox Oct 10

Hey sexy. Let me know if you can ship your filthy, cum-soaked panties to the U.S.

ShirasakiS May 18 2023

Hi i am really interested in those can you PM me i want to ask about details :P :))

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