Melon Toes $9.99

Hello everyone!

Here's a brand new set for you guys! :) A very messy and sticky set that is... ;)

I don't know why but lately i've been feeling in the mood of crushing and destroying things with my little feet... haha. So, this time i bought some yummy cantaloupes or melones like we call them in spanish. :) They're one of my favorite fruits, and i'm sure it would be yours as well if i made you eat the smashed pieces of cantaloupe i left on the floor.. ;)

I painted my toes to match the colors of the fruit, so i hope you guys really like this, it was messy and fun to shoot it, i like doing a mess with my feet but then i hate cleaning it up... haha.

Anyway, i hope you're all having a wonderful week! I love you guys!

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