Panties and Thongs for sale! $29.99

Buy a custom pair of used panties, exactly how you like them. I have fullbacks (cotton and satin), bikinis, thongs, bootyshorts and G-Strings. I wear them a full 24 hours and masturbate in them at least once per day! I have been selling my panties for 2 years now and I know how to please! PLEASE NOTE!!! *They will always be dirty, no need to select that option. However if you want an extra day wear, you can click "make the panties dirty" *They will always be DOUBLE sealed in a plastic bag, mailed in a discreet envelope, so no need to click that button! *They will always come with photos of me in them, but you can also order a custom video with me masturbating in them as well! *If you order the autograph signature it comes with a professional photo copy.

Quantity: 97
Size: M
Condition: Worn many times