Smelly Bears


Love eating ass? Obsessed with my asshole? Dive on in with my anal gummy bears! If you are looking to order more than 1 bag, please message me so I can make a custom listing for you (will not be charged multiple times for shipping this way). This is for a single bag of either gummy bears or worms (will vary by what I have readily available). Check "make panty dirty with pussy juice" to have me make them extra juicy. (Extra juicy entails using spit to gather more of my taste/scent for the treats.) DO NOT FORGET TO CHECK "SEAL ITEM IN PLASTIC BAG"!Discreet shipping!Want something specific additional to your order? Here's a few options I have readily available:-Vacuum Seal Gummies: Cum On Gummies:'t see what you're looking for? Message me! Tags: ass fetish/anal/asshole fetish, smell fetish, taste fetish, candy, gummy worms/gummy bears/gummy candy/gummy candies/gummies



Cattie Jan 1

I ship internationally, yes

woud you ship this to Saudi Arabia for  10 000$ ? dm pls i need this asap

chrisw94 Feb 16 2023

Please dm me

NYpussyluv845 May 1 2022

Do u ship to NY

Eden2001 Mar 27 2022

tu expédie en france aussi

GonzPR Mar 24 2021

Pm me please

Chris Lai Oct 27 2020

How much for the video that show you making this delicious thing?

rayford25 Sep 18 2020

Would love to buy these! Are they still available?

Cattie Sep 19 2020

Unless the listing is marked as "sold" they are still available(: (So yes ;) )

Stillblazing95 deleted Jan 20 2020

Are these still for sale babe?

Stillblazing95 deleted Jan 20 2020

Are these still for sale babe x

btyamaha Jan 5 2020

Do you do package deals with the panties? Please dm me.

PinkhuntR Dec 5 2019

I Want Your Vagina Juice!

Blacks92 Jul 5 2018

I want to buy more than 1 bag and a custom vid

Dr H Donna Gust Dec 12 2017

Would you ship to Canada?

Cattie Dec 12 2017

These ship internationally, yes

Anxious_Subby deleted Jul 2 2018

Im so interested in trying these out sometime what are thé like ? I wouldnt know weather To get them from your used mouth or ass

AshAlban23 Sep 20 2017

Omfg def ordering soooo hot saving up for video

Massimo86 Jul 29 2017

Gummis outa ya ass?

Cattie Jul 29 2017

...that would be what it says, yeah?

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