Christiana Cinns Worn Panties $49.99

Would you love to inhale my sweet scents and wrapped my panties around your cock ? Id love for you to jerk your cock with my little panties after Ive worn them for you. Panties will be shipped discreet and sealed in a bag.Let me know what kind of panty is your favorite after purchase. Pics and video of me in your panty is also an option. . Choose the autograph photo option and receive a photo set. If you would like a custom photo message me after purchase for a discount on a custom video

Quantity: 93
Size: S
Condition: Very Dirty



I’m buying them.

kal2ma Jan 12

are these still for sale?

te8547 Dec 6

Hey 😁 do you ship to the UK? X

buy them while they are warm!