Random Panty $9.99

You will receive a random panty from my collection.

To receive two polaroids of myself wearing this item, please select the option below!

If you’d like the item to be vacuum sealed, please select the option below, otherwise it will be sent in a Ziploc bag.

If you’d like a custom video of myself making this item dirty or using it, please be sure to message me before purchase so that I can ensure I am able to film your video!

*Custom Video must be purchased separately!

If you want your item to be dirty in anyway, please select the dirty option below, otherwise they will be sent as is.

All items are sent discreetly!

Quantity: 0
Size: S-M
Condition: Worn many times


bob411 Apr 17 2017

what would be the cost of a random panty with your own cum covered?

Destinationkat Apr 17 2017

The total for this would be $19.98. 
When you purchase the item, make sure to add the selection "make panty dirty with pussy juice."