Purple Plaid Panties $6.99

Own a little piece of my past. Ive had these panties since middle school, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. (; *Customized to your liking! Make sure to select desired “Add-on” before placing order!! (Please Read Below!)Add-on’s defined… *”A sexy note signed by me”; Sexy Note + Picture in item ($5)*”My perfume…”; My Favorite Perfume ($1)*”Autographed picture wearing this item”; Signed Photo (not in item) ($2)*“Make the panty dirty with pussy juice”; Solo Play + 24hrs wear ($7)*"Seal The Item In a Plastic Bag"; Vacuum Sealed($1)No special requests through ManyVids. Snapchat me! Thank You.

Quantity: 0
Size: S
Condition: Worn many times


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