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Get rated on a 10-point scale, based on multiple categories, including length, girth, grooming, overall fuckability, etc. After purchasing this store item, send 2-3 photos of your dick to with subject "Rate My Dick." After reviewing your images, I will respond with a short video of my honest overall rating and a quick breakdown of how you scored.

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josieyez Jul 29

Ordered 7/22. Delivered 7/29. Kat apologized profusely for taking so long even though her turnover rate is faster than any other cock rate video I've had. Video is 6:48 in length. Kat delivers the rating with a natural, conversational tone. She is so completely open and honest that at times I wondered if she was a close friend I had known for long (if not then she definitely made me want to be her best friend). Kat is the sweetest, sexiest, most adorable model on MV!

Buxxxom Jul 30

Aww you are so sweet. Thank you for the kind review. My turn around for these is usually 24-48 hours, but I had some crazy life stuff this week. Thank you for being awesome though! <3

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