Worn Panty plus Printed Photo Box $134.99

Enjoy receiving a panty worn 2+ days by me, and played in at least once to ensure they've been infused with FUN! With the vacuum sealed panty you get 10 photos of me playing in the panty- both as an imgur album, and as a printed, signed set for you to cherish forever :) You will ALSO get a custom sticker of your favorite photo, or one I choose if you like. I like to make these packages personal, so please send me your name and maybe any favorite colors, so on. If you're shy- just order, I'll surprise you! ||| Please message me about any details if you have special requests on what kind of panty-- let me know!

Quantity: 196
Size: S
Condition: Worn many times



Very awesome package, she puts a lot of thought and time into this. And gods she smells like heaven.

Justaguy6 Jun 1 2017

Awesome package, she puts a ton of effort into these. Well worth buying for any fan. And she tastes so good...