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Get a typed rating out of 10 and my thorough and blunt opinion on your dick (judging on length, girth, balls, hair management, etc). After purchasing, email your 2 photos to feliciavox@hotmail.com with the subject "Dick Rating: [your MV username here]". Send your best 2 photos ONLY TO MY EMAIL and make sure you're in a well lit room! Please follow these instructions EXACTLY or your dick rating purchase/messages will be ignored and you will be blocked from my MV page. **Since 2/22/18, the cost of this item has increased and the block rule has been enabled due to the lack of people following these explicit instructions. The alternative would have been to get rid of dick ratings completely, but seeing how it's such a high-demand item, I have kept it for the time being. I have no tolerance for people who take advantage of me because I offer this item.**

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